The Museum work was centered in the Comoè-Leraba Protected Area (Cascades Region, South-West Burkina Faso. The main tasks were to compile a scientific list of bird species, make a popular book about bird, help to prepare the visitor center and ecomuseum of “Comoé-Leraba” Protected Area, and train local people in connection with the AGEREF Comoè-Leraba.

The Cascades region, around the city of Banfora, offers good opportunities of cultural, landscape and nature interest.

The fascinating landscape of “Pics de Sindou”


The colourfull market of Banfora


Butastur rufipennis is one of the commonest raptor in the bush after fires.


Gyps rueppelli

Formerly abundant throughout the Sahel region, now the Gyps rueppelli (a young in the photo) is considered endangered according to IUCN. The specie is present in the Comoè-Leraba Protected Area in the dry season.



Calchomitra senegalensis, a true jewel of the Sahelian avifauna .